Recruiters – Are We Afraid Of Change?

Recently I went to a seminar on the Future of Recruitment with Greg Savage as the keynote speaker. He is one of the most motivational and inspirational speakers of our industry and always speaks with passion, enthusiasm and honesty. He challenged the notion that the way we have typically recruited in the past will not

Recruiting – Making The Right Decision

Recruitment is a human function.  Gut feel still plays a major role in most hiring decisions, despite the many attempts to put science around it.  Skills based performance testing, psychological assessments and the like certainly have a valid role to play in the recruitment process, but at the end of the day recruitment is about

When To Lead and When To Manage?

A very wise man once told me that management was measured by efficiency and leadership was measured by morale. This simple sentence has stayed with me for many years and I believe that it is extremely pertinent and relevant. When people are placed in management roles, they tend to get very confused by these two

Improving Team Performance – Provide More Training or Encourage More Practice?

I do believe training can help improve team performance and is a key aspect of a leaders’ role to invest in the skills of their people… but it is not easy at all. I’ve lost count of the number of internal training sessions I’ve delivered over the years.  I’ve also authorised many external training days