The Blame Game

A few weeks ago the team at Optimum faced a major challenge as a business with the loss of the use of our internal database. How bad could it possibly be? I thought the worst day at Optimum was when the air conditioning went down and we were on the 17th floor with no windows. Well I

Little Changes – Big Results

My dear father Walter is a 69 year old mans man, a butcher by trade and in recent years a nice and sensible bookkeeper. Some people think he resembles Santa Clause; a rotund man with a full head of bright white hair, a thick moustache complete with rosy cheeks no matter the temperature. We actually

How Much Do You Earn? A Workplace Taboo.

Recently, I was watching an episode of ‘Paul Murray Live’ on Sky News. The programme is on at 9.00pm weekdays and is an hour of current topic discussions with a panel format. The host, as the name suggests, is Paul Murray from Sydney, who made his name as a radio journalist with 2UE. My ears

Thoughts From “Been There Done That”

If you are in your 30’s and still do not know what you want to be when you grow up, you are not alone. A decade or so into a career many choose as teenagers, plenty of 30-somethings are re-evaluating their professional and personal goals. The best example I can come up with on this

Playing Up To Your Strengths

Recently I went out for lunch with my extended family to a relatively well known pub in Brisbane. Not the flashiest joint going around, however there is a massive play area and games room for the kids which meant I could have a few hours of “passive parenting” and enjoy a beer. All in all,