The Blame Game

A few weeks ago the team at Optimum faced a major challenge as a business with the loss of the use of our internal database. How bad could it possibly be? I thought the worst day at Optimum was when the air conditioning went down and we were on the 17th floor with no windows. Well I

Little Changes – Big Results

My dear father Walter is a 69 year old mans man, a butcher by trade and in recent years a nice and sensible bookkeeper. Some people think he resembles Santa Clause; a rotund man with a full head of bright white hair, a thick moustache complete with rosy cheeks no matter the temperature. We actually

How Much Do You Earn? A Workplace Taboo.

Recently, I was watching an episode of ‘Paul Murray Live’ on Sky News. The programme is on at 9.00pm weekdays and is an hour of current topic discussions with a panel format. The host, as the name suggests, is Paul Murray from Sydney, who made his name as a radio journalist with 2UE. My ears

Playing Up To Your Strengths

Recently I went out for lunch with my extended family to a relatively well known pub in Brisbane. Not the flashiest joint going around, however there is a massive play area and games room for the kids which meant I could have a few hours of “passive parenting” and enjoy a beer. All in all,