The Year of the Internal Promotion

The past four or so months have seen some of the biggest moves at an executive level that I have seen in years. These moves have covered both business, government and social institutions and they will have a massive impact on the global economy over the next five years. The changes that I am going

Behaviour Counts

Swimming Australia is in turmoil at the moment – there is no other way to put it. An eight month investigation into the performance of our swim team following the London Olympics has seen damning evidence released on the internal behaviours and culture of some of our elite athletes. The accusations include bullying, substance abuse

Productivity & Profit – The importance of understanding the Total Employee Experience to improve business performance.

A key challenge for many organisations is creating a highly productive workforce and retaining this talent. Research consistently demonstrates that organisations with an engaged and committed workforce have higher productivity and profitability, lower turnover and higher customer satisfaction and retention levels. It is possible for all organisations to achieve this. First, let’s properly understand the

Optimum Consulting: A New Frontier

Regular readers of our blogs will know that Optimum has recently celebrated our ten year anniversary of business. This was a cause of great happiness and mirth for the company in general and it gave me and my team an opportunity to plan the decade ahead. We have some big plans and I hope to

10 Good Career Habits

As my quarterly performance review looms, I sat down the other day and completed some online exercises in relation to performance management, and how one can evaluate themselves. Coupled with an excessive amount of article research on careers and roles, it became apparent what companies’ value in their employees. Below is a snapshot of some