We live in a VUCA world! (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous). Today’s business environment is continually shifting with constantly changing dynamics affected by competitive, technological, social or political forces. Making engagement happen is the ultimate objective. Employee engagement involves a range of human behaviours and attitudes including motivation, commitment, satisfaction with the organisation, a sense of alignment with organisational goals and a desire to work hard to achieve these goals.

Optimum Consulting has developed our own in house technology called EmployeeLife to help our clients stay on target to achieve their goals and objectives. EmployeeLife provides a platform to help with:

  • Communication and engagement across an organisation
  • Measuring things that matter to a business
  • Continuous performance Intelligence to improve productivity
  • Improving and simplifying performance conversations and goal setting using fact based evidence

We use technology and data as enablers but believe that the real value add to our clients is the qualitative approach we adopt to discover and understand the root causes. Once the problem(s) have been identified we then provide innovative and practical solutions and implement them to achieve the desired results.

Our employee health-check tool allows organisations to obtain a clear picture of how healthy their culture is. It will provide valuable insights into the opportunities for improvement, as well as reassurance where they are doing well. The Employee Health Check covers three focus areas within an organisation:


Organisations with clear Mission, Vision, Standards and Values are in the best position to maximise productivity.


Attracting and retaining accountable employees who can work as part of a collaborative team is a vitally important ingredient to success.


Organisations with clear, consistent communication and feedback processes can maximise both agility and productivity.

Once you complete the diagnostic tool, you will receive your final scores, broken down by focus area, along with a report outlining your results with recommendations for how Optimum can assist you in achieving your business goals. To complete your employee health-check go to www.employeehealthcheck.com.


For more information on how Optimum Consulting can help your business engage with its employees please download our brochure here.

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